As evidence, they will cite maps from the 17th century that happen to have the word Tartorum near the Bering Strait and visually group North America with Eastern Asia according to the same color. In that regard, I trust that veteran reality miners immediately noticed the similarities between, The Great Rebuilding was the effort to construct a new, urban center. 60346, The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA comes to mind. Where the helium issue is concerned specifically, as it pertains to the Tartaria/mud flood theory, James offered an extremely detailed explanation of the way, and the why, the elite and their cartels have been lying to the world as to the true nature of helium. This allowed me to conceptualize its destruction easy. This week on Hysteria 51, we're diving headfirst into the murky, muddy waters of the Tartarian Empire. and our Mud Flood Catastrophism and Tartarian Empire, no flat earth if I can help it but you have to sift through wheat from the chaff yourself otherwise. You will see that it is only the top few stories of buildings that are used in some cases because the bulk of them are under soil. They really do point to any pre-modern structure that is especially impressive and elaborately decorative, and they claim it was not built, could not have been built, by builders of our culture. Some have suggested that it was the result of a worldwide volcanic event, caused by mud volcanos. This is basically a. Embark on your own personal journey into the Tartarian Empire and the Mud-Flood Theory and stay tuned! Tartary was a blanket term. The cartographer appears to have mistakenly conflated Mongolian and Inuit cultures, as the portions of North America identified as Mongolian are predominately north of the Arctic Circle. There has been a second technology in the world, that industrialists have had, exercised to their discretion, but theyve kept from the rest of us because it would challenge the cartels. Its no great mystery. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But Fomenko found popularity and success in writing about history, with his New Chronology book series, History: Fiction or Science, bringing him far more fame than he had ever earned as a mathematician. Moreover, this knowledge has touched on nearly every discipline we have: agriculture, aero biology, physics, mathematics, genetics, morality, history, metallurgy, advanced technology, artificial intelligence, spirituality, cosmology, astronomy, intelligent design, the EMVs, time travel, reverse speech, the attenuation of gravity waves, and on and onand it was given freely. Its because we stopped using an inaccurate blanket term that was actually a pun suggesting they were from hell and instead started calling them Mongols or some other more accurate name. An often cited example of this is the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. If youre still reading, Ill come clean. With a simple translation of the Latin, they would be able to tell that the blurb with the word Tartorum is describing the Mongol tribes on the other side of the strait, not in North America, and describes a simple rural life that is very different from the technologically advanced civilization they imagine Tartaria was. While some parts of the narrative go back centuries and we'll talk about those the whole thing as a single consolidated claim only goes back to around 2017. Well that is just the appropriated history of a great Russian Empire. Either naturally or by an energy weapon? Your wonder and dismay likely further turned to shock and outrage as you learned of a global conspiracy to suppress the history of the Tartarian Empire, to cover up the existence of this mud flood, and to claim the impressive accomplishments of their advanced culture as our own. Wow what a story. Thus we see claims about the Illuminati come in to explain the worldwide cover-up, or of the Jewish World Conspiracy, which isnt that surprising considering its connection to Russian claims of Aryan supremacy. Such historical details, to the Tartaria conspiracists, are just more lies covering up the truth. Did the Tartarians really have advanced technology? You will see air ships and electric cars. But have you heard about the lost empire of Tartaria? Cookie Notice This ignores the well-documented history of Asia, which Tartary refers to. Now, there is a fast-spreading conspiracy theory about the existence of an ancient, suppressed mega-empire that originated in their region, and it is remarkably similar to the ethno-national propaganda Russias president spouts as a pretext for expansion, asserting the Russians are just reclaiming what has always been theirs. Answer (1 of 62): It is being hidden because the Tartars were the rulers of the world and those that conquered them are afraid they will come back. Be the Best Dressed at your Cult Meeting! Whats really scary is if Putin starts to assert that the ancestral claim of the Russian people extends all the way to America, where the Tartarian Empire is said to have formerly reigned. They seem to value only an old-fashioned or ancient style of building and reject all modernist architecture as ugly, nondescript, and thus inferior. Is the Tartaria nonsense actually the New Chronology repackaged? However, never let it be said that conspiracy speculators arent ingenious, for they managed in their blindly focused keyword searches to turn up an obscure declassified CIA report on National Cultural Development under Communism. In it, there exists a paragraph that is presented as smoking gun evidence of a cover-up of Tartarias history. A site for alternative thinking and discussion, research and healthy debate about hidden history, that many people are waking up to. Architecture, sculpture, painting, and all the arts that adorn civilized life, have flourished in this country, at a period far remote. This week on Hysteria 51, we're diving headfirst into the murky, muddy waters of the Tartarian Empire. Instead, they envision a massive mega-culture of advanced builders. But there is something very satisfying to me about the idea that some proponent of the Tartarian Empire conspiracy mythos might stumble upon or seek out this blog post and think at first that Im promoting this nonsense, when actually this is perhaps the most absurd pseudohistorical conspiracy delusion Ive ever heard. Unlike the biblical flood, though, this was a "mud flood," and in its wake, entire grand Tartarian cities were left entirely or partially buried. If liquefaction occurs on or near your property, your house may sink by inches or several feet and be surrounded by or filled with liquefied soil. These towns and cities that were partially buried made up Tartaria, a highly developed society that had free wireless energy and was home to, at least in part, giants Out with the old and in with the new, and that "new" civilization is us, was the "reset" of civilization. Celebrity & Government Clones Imagery and Recap. To conclude, lets just hope that the fringe nutcases who have taken up the Tartarian standard and run with it online continue to take the idea in such ridiculous and fantastical directions that it becomes ever more laughable, and thus, if were lucky, useless as Russian propaganda. DIRECTORY: 2009-2022 Interviews, Articles & Essays, THE SACRED SCIENCE: The Rise and Fall of the 7 Lineages of Mankind Upon the Earth, THE REALITY REVISIONISM ESSAYS: What it is, How its Done, Why its Done, and Who is Doing it, THE ROLES OF PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT & SOCIAL ENGINEERING IN REALITY REVISIONISM, UNSUSTAINABLE REALITY REVISIONS AND THE ORDER-OUT-OF-CHAOS BIRTH, GLOBALIST REALITY REVISIONISM & THE FOUR DIRECTIVES: DIMMUNIZATION, DEHUMANIZATION, DUMBING-DOWN & DEPOPULATION, SNAKES & PARASITES: THE REALITY REVISION OF ACCELERATED DECREPITUDE, PSYCHOPATHYS ROLE IN THE DECLINE OF CIVILIZATION: A Serious Discussion, THE WAR ON KNOWLEDGE (WOK): Essays, Articles & Videos, THE DEPOPULATION AGENDA FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER, BERGRUN & THE RINGMAKERS OF SATURN (EMVS), A REFINED COSMOLOGY TO ADDRESS COSMIC ANOMALY, JAMES HORAK: A REFINED COSMOLOGY TO ADDRESS COSMIC ANOMALY, JAMES HORAK VIDEO ARCHIVE: STATE OF AFFAIRS & EMVS, RACE WITH TIME RADIO ARCHIVES (James Horak & Crystal Clark 2013),, EVIDENCE FOR THE MANIPULATION OF OUR PERCEPTION OF SPACE AND TIME AND THE CREATION OF A NEW TIMELINE, SOMETHING NEW UNDER THE SUN: TIME TO ACQUIRE A MORE ACCURATE REALITYMODEL, A Refined Cosmology to Address Cosmic Anomaly: Lifting the Veil (parts 1-3), PART 1: THE MOST IMPORTANT (AND IGNORED) DISCOVERIES OF OUR MODERN AGEEMVS AND TIME TRAVEL, PART 2: TIME TRAVELTHE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT (AND IGNORED) DISCOVERY OF OUR MODERNAGE, PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE: HOW AND WHY MULTI-NATIONAL (GLOBALIST) CORPORATIONS PURPOSEFULLY DESTROY AND MISMANAGE THE ENVIRONMENT, AND THEN BLAME IT ONYOU. Numerous links provided there will direct the reader to material detailing how it was actually James Horaks ancestor, Antonin Horak, who first discovered on of these engines, referred to as a moon shaft, a 1997 music album called Coronal Mass Ejection that includes a song called Horaks Moon Shaft, and a link to a 2015 video of the lunar wave phenomenon that shows the technology related to the engines on the earth and the moon working together in real-time. Well, they say there was a worldwide catastrophe that destroyed much of their culture. Read More . Historical map designating most of Inner Eurasia and Siberia as La Grande Tartarie. But I will get to that. PRE-Mud Flood Tartaria Tech Uncovered. As proof, they point to almost any ornate building constructed in any architectural style other than modern, and they say that must have been a Tartarian structure, because we dont build things like that in our culture. In our current lineage, photography was invented in the 1800s, Napoleon died in the 1820s, and the timeline split occurred when Napoleon was in the Great Pyramid, as explained by James Horak. Privacy Policy. We also examine some evidence at the Salt Lake City Temple, a Wise Up video examining the Ohio mounds, some Pre Reset. Take for example, the neo-Gothic Whitman College at Princeton, built in 2002, or the Classical Greek architecture of the Schermerhorn Symphony Center built in Nashville, the so-called Athens of the South, in 2006. Art by Carioca Studio Eventually, as ethnological knowledge of the regions peoples grew, further distinctions had to be made, such that those in Manchuria were called Manchu Tartars, and those in the eastern reaches of the Russian Tsardom were called Muscovite Tartars. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. First, it is new and growing. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURE SEEMS TO ALSO PERMEATE THE MUD FLOOD PHOTOS. Thank you for the comment Susan. Of course, civic engineering requires a lot of digging like this, even today. The first issue, being whether or not the timeline split and the Mud Flood are connected events, the second having to do with helium, as it also pertains to the theory. However, there are other reasons I feel compelled to address this somewhat obscure claim now. Just what would cause such a global flow of mud is not typically clarified. Resolving to destroy the world and start over, the Creator warned a few good People to flee to the highest mountain tops. The Internet has recently given rise to a new alternative world history claim. You can learn more about those interconnected issues from a 2012 interview called A Refined Cosmology to Address Cosmic Anomaly: Lifting the Veil (parts 1-3). This week on Hysteria 51, we're diving headfirst into the murky, muddy waters of the Tartarian Empire. Change). And, they don't have to go alone, JTR Brown and Kevin Crispin are back to help dig up clues on the supposed . One can imagine that its especially hard to control a conspiracy narrative once it has been fed to the conspiracy nut community. In brief, Fomenko claims to use statistical analysis and astronomical data to prove that entire eras of accepted history didnt actually occur. Its good times! All Rights Reserved. But of course, anyone who would believe in a global mud flood isnt thinking too hard about the science of geology or the analysis of strata performed at any dig site that could handily disprove their theory. But they still find supposed evidence for their mud flood, once again in old photos. Can we blame them for Atlantis or are they just really good at playing hide and seek? The Mongolian Empire reached Eastern Europe to the Sea of Japan, part of India, Persian (Iran), Russia, Tibet, China. This is something Im currently researching. Furthermore, it has been suggested that the origins of the Tartaria claims can actually be traced to the chronological revisionist writings of Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko. We also know that they are involved with the encouragement of the growth of conspiracy claims. The Holy Roman Empire? Ive been looking for a plausible explanation of Tartaria s end and this was great. The flames leapt up to the sky in all directions, sparing only the few People on the highest peaks. I am totally fascinated. Instead, he argues that much of accepted history is actually duplicated from medieval history. Truly incredible. Others in this category see Russian identity wrapped up in racial heritage, and they trot out the old myth of an Aryan people. In fact, believers in Tartaria claim that most major armed conflicts of the 19th and 20th centuries were actually about Tartaria.,,, Hell, that goes back a long time before Qanon and COVID-19 conspiracies on social media. Ninety thousand peopleone in three Chicago residentswere left homeless by the fire. Let us start with a simple refutation of the Tartaria mythos. For example, it is entirely possible that these conspiracy claims crossed over into the English-speaking world from foreign language publications that arent mined in an Ngram search, or from online content in another language that, if I understand the tool correctly, wouldnt show up in a Google Trends search, even if it were set to conduct a worldwide search, because the keyword used is in in English. This may itself sound like conspiracy speculation, but the fact that Russian propaganda programs are active in spreading disinformation through bots and puppet accounts run out of troll farms is well known. The Austria/Hungarian empire was beginning to build airships, and they were too good at what they didnamely to surveil potential battlefields, military build-ups, and so forth. Your surprise may have turned to wonder and dismay as you learned of a great worldwide catastrophe, a flood akin to Noahs but composed of mud that destroyed most evidence of this magnificent civilization. Although I only came across the mud flood theory about a year ago, Im incredibly intrigued by it. Youve heard me talk about beliefs in the lost cradles of civilization Hyperborea and Ultima Thule. You have heard of the ancient lost civilizations of Atlantis. To them, these are evidence that 19th century Americans were living among the ruins of this vanished civilization, when in fact the photos depict nation building. What is their evidence of such a cover-up? James has also, over the years, explained that the Russians found one of these, removed it and attempted to place it near another one located at Lake Vostok. There is reportedly a cover-up going on by people who want to hide Tartaria's existence and claim its achievements for themselves. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I believe the Tartarian Empire was part of the Moorish Empire, and not the other way around. This is basically a biography of the Tartars and a look at cartography and doesn't focus much on the disaster side of the Mud Flood, nor the \"Free Energy / Advanced Tech\" lunacy.Stay tuned for my next video where I'll be examining the origins of the Mud Flood Theory itself.Investigating the Mud Flood Theory in Full: Credits for images and video used here: They link the existence of giants in the lands of Tartary through the tales of Gog and Magog, which have historically been associated with Mongolians, as I discussed in my episode on Prester John. He claims to be politically impartial, but historians and critics of his work, especially Konstantin Sheiko, who wrote extensively about the implications of Fomenkos claims in his PhD thesis, point out that Fomenkos work fits clearly into an ethno-nationalist tradition of producing pseudohistory and alternative history that presents the Russian people and their history in certain favorable ways. Where the helium issue is concerned specifically, as it pertains to the Tartaria/mud flood theory, James offered an extremely detailed explanation of the way, and the why, the elite and their cartels have been lying to the world as to the true nature of helium. Mud? Another interesting spoke on the mud flood wheel is the perhaps related phenomenon of the seemingly large population of orphans around the same time period, historically referred to as the Orphan Train Movement. It is claimed that, lacking the knowledge of what this term referred to, conspiracists jumped to the conclusion that there must have been a huge kingdom or nation-state called Tartaria that has since disappeared. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Charles Loring Brace founded theChildrens AidSocietyin orderto help these children. 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Join David and Brent as they excavate the truth behind the enigmatic mud floods, unearth mysterious maps, and delve deep into the forgotten history of this once-mighty civilization. It spanned 9 million miles. "Tartary (Latin: Tartaria) or Great Tartary (Latin: Tartaria Magna) was a historical region in Asia located between the Caspian Sea-Ural Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. We are not the first rendition of humanity on earth to quite literally suffer through the ramifications of a psychopathic elite living out their God Complex, unhindered. But hold on! The following explanation of soil liquefaction comes from Earthquake motion can turn loosely packed, water-saturated soil to liquidliquefaction. Liquefied soil loses its density and ultimately the ability to support roads, buried pipes, and, of course, houses. THE GREAT TARTARIAN EMPIRE The official history is hiding a major world power which existed as late as the 19th century. For example, on 9 August 1944, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, sitting in Moscow, issues a directive ordering the partys Tartar Provincial Committee to proceed to a scientific revision of the history of Tartaria, to liquidate serious shortcomings and mistakes of a nationalistic character committed by individual writers and historians in dealing with Tartar history. In other words, Tartar history was to be rewrittenlet us be frank, was to be falsified. The Tartaria theory is one of those spokes as reality miners attempt to understand and label the civilization (Tartaria in this case) that was buried. Never mind that all the buildings they identify as Tartarian are made for regular size people. They call it the great reset. Unlike the biblical flood, though, this was a mud flood, and in its wake, entire grand Tartarian cities were left entirely or partially buried. The sand begins to lift up from the ground and rain falls down, like a flood and mixes with the sand. Mud Volcanoes at Gobustan State Reserve. Big businesses, innovative buildings, and a new style of architecture were the results. Again, any sufficiently ornate building, with columns supporting entablatures with carved friezes and cornices with scrollwork, or any building with an especially elaborate roof like a mansard or a cupola or a large dome, seems, in their fevered imaginations, to be a relic of this lost civilization. Here again the Communists have interfered in a shameless manner. Like, there was indeed a globe-spanning empire . For more information, please see our The Great Reset - Mud Flood - Tartaria - Reset Civilization EarthUnknown 5.99K subscribers 65K views 3 years ago This video is an introduction to the mud flood theory and how it may relate to. The fiery blast shook the entire world, toppling mountain ranges and setting forests and prairies ablaze. As evidence, they hold up old photos from 19th century America, in which can be seen such grand edifices, usually municipal buildings like city halls or state capitols, rising above simple wood frame houses and shacks, or on otherwise empty stretches of dirt fields. When he eliminates entire periods of history, he typically claims that they are duplications of Russian ancient history. The fiery blast shook the entire world, toppling mountain ranges and setting forests and prairies ablaze. Dont @ me. Anatoly Fomenko, mathematician and ethnonationalist propagandist masquerading as a legitimate historian. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Order out of Chaos and building a new world out of the ashes of the old one is something this author has discussed and written about often over the years. But perhaps the most ridiculous thing about this mud flood aspect of their claims is that, since theyre using photos from the 1800s as evidence, they played themselves and had to place their supposed worldwide mud flood catastrophe in the 19th century. That video is posted below for readers, and while I recommend listening the show in its entirety, the following helium specific discussion begins at the 36:00 minute mark, and is transcribed below. Great Tartary ~ Were Insane Asylums Used to Separate Families and Purge Adults. Its a by-product, and if you know how to collect ityou have to know the secrets of how to collect it, how to turn it into a liquid for shipment, and then once it has been turned into a gas you can return it back to a liquidbut all of these are trade secrets that are held by the three big gas companies, the industrial companies that have been doing this for a hundred years. James Horak. A quick search of word frequency in publications using Google Ngram corroborates that the topic became more common in the mid- to late 2010s but also suggests that it was not a purely online phenomenon, although any early conspiracist publications could very well have been inspired from online content, rather than vice-versa. The mainstream researchers of this subject, have also found out that the Tartarian Empire and the Tartarian era were buried deep in this mud as well. Mud volcanos are real, and instead of producing magma flows they produce slurries of warm mud. THE POSSIBILITY THESE PRE-BUILT CITIES AROUND THE WORLD WERE BUILT IN A PARTICULAR GRID PATTERN. And then, there is the doozythat Tartaria was actually peopled by giants. parsons mps communication design, hollywood blvd street closures today,