Publishing Process

1.The author submits the manuscript to the journal.

2.The journal editor screens the manuscript and checks whether it is according to journal’s aims and scope and is following the manuscript submission guidelines. If not then the editor rejects the manuscript otherwise move forward for reviewing.

3.The editor then selects the reviewers (usually two) and sends the manuscripts to them for reviewing.

4.The reviewer read the manuscript thoroughly and give suggestions, comments and recommendation (reject, needs revision or acceptance).

5.The editor checks the reviews and forward them to the author if he agrees with the revision required.

6.Author does revision and resubmits the paper.

7.The journal editor checks the revisions done and then accepts the manuscript for production and publication.

Submission Guidelines/ Instructions for Authors

1. The paper should strictly follow the Vancouver style guidelines.
2. The first page should involve the Title, Author names, Organization/Institution the authors attend, author note, corresponding authors email Id should have asterisk[*]
3.The title should be brief , specific and informative.
4.The abstract should not be more than 200-300 words and should have 4-6 Keywords
5. Avoid any kind of endnotes and footnotes
6. References must comply with Vancouver Style format strictly
7. 3000 words include everything from Title till the last reference
8. All the questionnaires, scales or any other reference material used should be provided in the appendix
9. The contribution of the authors should be included honestly
10. Add Conflict of interest, Source of Funding and Ethical Clearance just before the references and resubmit. All manuscripts will be treated as confidential documents

Submit your article here on this mail id as an attachment in MS word file

Please submit paper in following format as far as applicable
1. Title
2. Names of authors(only 7 authors)
3. Your Affiliation (designations with college address)
4. Corresponding author- name, designations, address, email id.
5. Abstract with key words (200-300 words)
6. Introduction or back ground
7. Material and Methods
8. Findings
9. Discussion
10. Conclusion
11. Conflict of interest –
12. Source of Funding- self or other source
13. Ethical clearance –
14. References in Vancouver style
15. Word limit 2500-3000 words, MSWORD Format, single file
16. Please quote references in text by superscripting

Viewpoints report on the perspectives of an individual or organization on topics relevant to the journal. Viewpoints could include future research directions or current trends and controversies, and the success or failure of a specific methodology. They should be precise, focused and backed by evidence wherever possible. Further, it is preferred that the authors have considerable experience in the topic.

Word limit: max. 2000 words.
Abstract: max. 200-300 words.
Tables & Figures: max. 3 (combined)
References: max. 20 referencesz

Guidelines to join as a Peer Reviewer in the journal

Peer reviewers play a central and critical part in the peer-review process. We welcome competent academicians to join us as reviewers. Being a Reviewer is a matter of prestige and personal achievement. As a reviewer, you will gain valuable publishing experience and connect to experts in your field. We follow a strict set of guidelines while accepting an applicant as a Reviewer. The minimum set of qualifications for being a Reviewer is listed below
• Should be a holder of Ph.D. degree or pursing Ph.D. from a recognized university.
Should be MBBS MD from specialised field.
• Should be an author with a minimum of five publications in Scopus/Web of Science/ABC Journals.
• It is critical that you are a reader of 2 – 3 journals that are most central to your area(s) of research. Please mention the journals that you are regularly reading, where these journals provide a reviewer critical knowledge base to evaluate a submission.
• Reviewing a manuscript requires substantial investment of time. Hence, please choose to become a Reviewer only if you can invest the time on a regular basis

By agreeing to become a Reviewer for our journal, you are agreeing to and accept the conditions as laid down in COPE’s Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers. If you are interested to join, please email your latest career profile with the following details mentioned on the Cover page to
• Name:
• Title:
• Affiliation:
• Email address:
• Phone Number:
• Area(s) of Expertise:
• Provide details of your five publications in Scopus/Web of Science/ABC Listed Journals:
• Please mention the journals that you are regularly reading, and where these journals are indexed:
• Name of our Journal for which you want to become a Reviewer:
• Number of Papers that you can Review per month:


We are open to academic collaboration with highly experienced and reputed colleges, university, academicians. If you wish to associate with us email us your credentials and resume at